LIMITLESS Mindset Coaching

Transformation Awaits

“You don’t see the world as it is, 

you see the world as you are.” 

~ Anonymous 


Do you have a Limitless mindset?

Are you the person you desire to be?

Is your health and wellness where you want it to be?  (in all areas: physical, mental, emotional, sleep, nutrition and fitness)

Are your relationships equal partnerships where you feel honoured, respected, supported and loved (personal/professional/romantic and most importantly your relationship with yourself)?

Are your environments (internal and external) healthy and promote wellness?

Do you have a healthy sense of belonging and connection?

Is your education/career or business where you thought it would be at this stage of your life?

Do you feel financially secure?

Do you enjoy a healthy social life (fun, recreation, leisure, entertainment)?

Do you have a fufilling spiritual practice?

Do you seek opportunities for personal growth?


On the surface, all of the problems and yearnings that come to mind in these different areas seem to be disconnected. Something we can tackle one at a time like checking items off your to-do list. Therefore most people are surprised (skeptical) when I tell them that the problems we face in each of these areas are all symptoms of ONE core issue.

Afterall, our modern western medical system has taught us to isolate and treat individual symptoms (problems) until they no longer disrupt our lives. Unfortunately, when you only treat individual symptoms and not the cause, the symptoms (problem) returns. It may return exactly as it had before, or it may show up in a different area of your life disguised as something entirely new which prevents us from making the connection and realizing that it is the exact same issue as before.

The most toxic and abusive relationship the majority of people will ever experience, is their relationship with themselves.

We struggle with an out of control inner critic, fear, anxiety, self-doubt, insecurities, worthlessness, shame, uncertainty, chronic stress, limiting beliefs, and the unrealistic expectations of self and others just to name a few. Rather than seeking to overcome this emotional mine field, we accept that “this is just the way we are” and that “this is life”. We tell ourselves the story that it can’t be changed and we find ways to survive/cope as best we can.

I’m here to tell you it doesn’t have to be this way.

This is NOT  who you are.

This is NOT who you were meant to be.

You don’t have to settle in any area of your life.



How do I know  which type of Limitless Mindset Coaching is Right For Me?

The LIMITLESS MINDSET Coaching programs  were designed, tested and perfected to ensure your ability to achieve results. As such, there are three different levels of support offered. 

Limitless  Mindset Group Coaching:  Is an affordable 12 month program that is an excellent option for independent, committed, and action oriented individuals.  Please note:  The LIMITLESS Mindset Group Coaching program is also ideal  for those who are unsure if the LIMITLESS Mindset approach is right for them and/or for those who would like an opportunity to get to know their coach before deciding to apply to/invest in one of the LIMITLESS Mindset Intensive programs offered.

LIMITLESS Mindset Intensive Group Coaching :  Is a 12 week program offered twice a year and is available by application only.  This hybrid program is an excellent option for action oriented individuals who are ready to prioritize their mindset work and transform their lives.  The intensive program is fast paced and includes individual coaching support in addition to the group coaching.

LIMITLESS Mindset Intensive Individual Coaching:  Is available by application only, and the LIMITLESS Mindset Program is modified and restructured in order to meet your needs. This program offers a high degree of personalized support, guidance and accountability.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are the Intensive programs by application only?

The LIMITLESS Mindset Intensive Group and Individual Coaching Programs are by application only because they are not right for everyone. If you are interested in applying to either of the Intensive Programs, click on the Apply Today button above, schedule your interview and complete the application form. 

The application and interview process is for our mutual benefit. It helps you to assess if I am the right coach for you and if the program(s) will meet your needs.

During the interview process I will be assessing for:

Coachability: Are you able to put aside what you think you know, in order to truly learn, apply and achieve outcomes. 

Suitability: Are you a good match for my coaching style and personality? Are you a good fit for a group program? Group dynamics are important for each individual and the group as a whole.

I will ask questions so that I understand what your needs are, what your challenges have been and what you have unsuccessfully tried in the past.

If you are a good fit for the program you are applying to I will extend an invitation to join. If you are not a good fit to the program you have applied to I will explain why and make recommendations. 

What is is considered a next generation social networking site. After fielding many concerns about previous groups being hosted on Facebook, I went in search of a solution and that solution is You can read their Privacy Bill of Rights by clicking here

Why is the Private Community listed as a Bonus / What if I don’t want to join

The private community is an optional component to our program at no cost to you. You do not need to participate in this community in order to get results with our program. You must follow the group rules as posted and be a member in good standing in order to have the option of participating in the LIMITLESS community.

What if I cannot attend the live group coaching / Q&A Session?

No problem, recordings will be made available. Questions are to be submitted 24 hours prior to Group Coaching /Q & A Sessions.

What is the time commitment?

45-90 minutes each week for the weekly training sessions, 2-4 hours each month for the live Q&A sessions, and a minimum of 1-hour daily practice (which can be broken up into 10-minute chunks if needed).

How long is the LIMITLESS MINDSET Group Coaching Program

The LIMITLESS MINDSET Group Coaching Program is 12 months long.  Our mindset (which includes our identity and self esteem) are the frames for how we see, perceive and experience the world we live in. This work will impact every area of your life.

Each month we will utilize the LIMITLESS MINDSET framework to set about creating those areas with intention. Gaining clarity about what you want to achieve and what no longer services you in each area.

You will get to rediscover who you were meant to be …the person you were before you were told who you are and the person you were becoming before the expectations and unrealistic expectations of society, coaches, teachers, friends, family and self took its toll.

As we take this journey through self-awareness, and self-discovery it inevitably leads us to intentional self-creation. The life transformations that will happen as a result are beyond what you can imagine today.

Month 1: Mindset Introduction.

Month 2: Identity Introduction

Month 3: Relationships

Month 4: Education, Career, Business

Month 5: Finances

Month 6: Health & Wellness

Month 7: Environment (internal and external)

Month 8: Belonging & Connection

Month 9:  Social

Month 10: Spiritual

Month 11: Personal Growth

Month 12: Your Personal Roadmap 

What if I feel like I need more support along the way than the group coaching program provides?

You may choose to purchase individual coaching sessions in addition to the group coaching resources. You can email to arrange for individual support to meet your needs.

What results can I expect? How will I know if I’m making progress?

IF you are completing the daily practice, and watching the weekly trainings within the first 30 days you should see a decrease in the frequency, intensity and duration of the downward spiral caused by fear, anxiety, self-doubt, insecurities, worthlessness, shame, uncertainty, chronic stress, limiting beliefs, the unrealistic expectations of self and your inner critic will become quieter and far less bitchy.

It’s common to begin to feel happier, lighter, less stressed, and calmer in your day to day life. The other symptoms that show up across our life areas will also begin to improve. Given that these things are very specific to you, it’s impossible to list out all of the benefits here.

We will be utilizing a life satisfaction survey through out the program and creating a self assessment tool. Using these two measures you will be able to visibly track your progress in the program.

What kind of program is LIMITLESS MINDSET?

Limitless is a journey of self-awareness, self-discovery and self-creation. The heart and soul of the program is an eclectic and diverse combination of my formal education, 25+ years as a counsellor/coach, my passion for neuroscience, spirituality, and my personal life journey. A combination of approaches born of CBT, DBT, creating resilience , Solution Focused Brief Therapy, Mindset, Identity, Self-esteem building, and leveraging what we now know about our brains and how they work and More! 

Can I access next week's content early?

The short answer is yes we could, but we won’t. Not ever. 

Why? Simply because this is not about consuming more information. In fact you are likely to “know” some of the information you will be taught in this program. The focus is on putting what you have learned into practice. 

While there is of course a cerebral component to this program, it’s about getting out of your head and into your heart.  It’s not about learning everything you can on a subject, just look at the likely long list of “self help” books on your bookshelf. If knowledge was the answer then google is where you would be. As it is with most things in life the what is rarely the problem, it’s most often the how that needs to be adjusted.

LIMITLESS MINDSET is about creating a foundation so that you can achieve success in all areas of your life rather than just one or two. It’s about doing what you know, and doing it in a way that gets results. 

How does mindset work help my business?

Mindset is the key to being successful in business. Every single business coaching client has had mindset issues at the core of what was holding them back. Fear of what others will think, fear of putting themselves out there, worried nobody will pay their prices, worried they aren’t ___ enough. They believe if they want more/any success in business it means working harder, longer hours or compromising their integrity. It’s not suprising then that these are issues that would prevent you from achieving the level of success you desire.

I was skeptical when I first spoke with Rhonda, but she gave me hope that my life and business could be very different. Things were so bad, I had nothing to lose and everything to gain. I can tell you in the early stages of working on my mindset I was doing it because I had invested in coaching and not because I believed that it could work for me. 
I lived my life in a full on negative world. Struggling daily to just survive.  My mind and emotions were in a constant state of chaos believing that I wasn’t enough, always trying to please others, living on the edge, filled with anxiety, self doubt and fear. I don’t need to tell you the impact living this way has had on my businesses over the years.  This was the way my life had always been, it was my normal and I didn’t even realize there was another way.  When I had finally had enough, I knew that I had to make a shift or I was going to be in trouble and that’s when I started working with Rhonda. 
In a matter of weeks my life as I had known it has been completely transformed. Anxiety, fear, and self doubt, which had ruled my life began to melt away. Today just six weeks after we started working together I am happier, and more confident than I’ve ever been in my life. There isn’t an area of my life that is untouched and that’s exactly what Rhonda means when she talks about Transformarion. If it can happen for me, it can happen for anyone!
Carla Snyders

“Transformation is a voluntary experience. You can be led to water, but it’s up to you to drink. However, not all water is created equal. For someone who has searched for a clear pathway to build a career and life of work that is notable, I’ve had a good run with mentors, advisors and coaches. But my experience with Rhonda is unlike any other. I had reached a plateau in my work and was undergoing one of the most trying experiences of my life when I first started with her. In just a few months time, everything has changed. I’ve grown my business exponentially, using her guidance and direction as well as the excellent motivation and encouragement provided every week. I’m now on the verge of launching a massive platform and program that will provide healing for many people. It would have all been just a dream if I hadn’t been coached by Rhonda. Now it’s a reality. If you want to make those imaginings you have in your mind a reality, don’t waste another moment pondering about it. Get a session with her and experience the majesty of the best coaching in the world.”


D. Grant Smith