Individual Business & Life Coaching


Business ideas? You’ve got ‘em. To-do list that’s trying to wind its way around the world? Got that too.

Trying to wrangle all those ideas and to-dos into something that looks like forward motion and feels like genuine progress? Ah, that’s the challenge.

I hear you. I know that business can be exhilarating and joyful and sustaining – and it can also feel like running around burying nuts for the winter and then forgetting where you buried the damn things.

And no matter how experienced (or inexperienced) you are at business, we all need someone to set us back on our path, bounce thoughts off, give us an injection of fresh ideas, and support us on this wild crazy fun frustrating path called entrepreneurship.

Imagine knowing an experienced entrepreneur was in your corner. Someone who knows the joys and stresses of business, and has a wealth of knowledge to draw on to help you find solutions. Someone who truly gets the unique challenges of having a brain that is awesome at generating the big ideas, but easily distracted by themselves even if no shiny objects or squirrels are in view, and who knows what it’s like when the growing list of things you need to do and learn and implement and Instagram-the-fuck-out-of while still bringing in money feels overwhelming.


I’ve got your back: 


Guidance from an experienced business coach with a talent for assessing where you are, looking at where you want to go, and reverse-engineering the perfect path from here to there.

The help you need so you can build a business that feels less like Sisyphus pushing that boulder up the hill, and more like laughing yourself sore over coffee with your best friends.

Increased confidence and self esteem so you can tell the inner critic to shut the hell up and embrace everything that makes you, and your business, fan-fucking-tastic.

Accountability to keep you moving forward to your dream business destination.

Practical steps that break the seemingly impossible down into doable parts.

Techniques and tools to help you focus and stay on track.

A sympathetic listening ear and shoulder to lean on, because doing this business thing alone can be fuel for fear and panic and that is absolutely not the way it has to be.

We will assess, identify, plan, implement, and review …wash, rinse, repeat …all the while each round we are tightening up processes, tweaking strategies, finding the right tactics and determining what works best for you and your business.

When I became a coach, I was not given mind reading abilities so I only know what you share with me, I was not issued a crystal ball for seeing the future outcomes of our strategies and tactics, neither was I issued a magic wand to do the hard work in an instant for you.

That means our work together will take time, and during that time you will be: challenged to get outside of your comfort zone and take risks because that’s where growth takes place.

We will assess, develop a plan, implement that plan and review.

Assess your current: business model/strategies/tactics/practices/mindset to ensure you have the best plan for growth, scalability and sustainability for your business.

You will learn new and effective strategies and tactics for all aspects of your business and so much more. 

That wild creative energy that fuels the big ideas and makes it hard to stay focused on one aspect at a time: That’s your superpower! Together we’ll, harness that superpower allowing us to shape and direct it into your zone of genius so you can build a business that you love, that excites you, that you are proud of and that is more successful than you ever dared to dream was possible.


Is Business & Life Coaching Right For You?


I work with entrepreneural women who want to create a successful business based on their expertise, wisdom, knowledge, experiences, and that have a desire to help others through their products and services.

I only work with women who are:



Willing to invest in themselves and their businesses to achieve the level of success they have dreamed of.

And …

Damn good at what they do

Genuinely care about their clients

Willing to make the time and take the action required in order to achieve the success they desire. 


Does this sound like you? If so, then I would LOVE to chat!

schedule your FREE Breakthrough Session today. Once you choose a date/time that is convenient for you, you will be taken to a brief questionnaire. This information helps me to prepare for our session so that we can make the most out of our time together.