Do you ever find yourself wondering why you bother?

Thinking to yourself—“ugh, what’s the point?”


You feel alone in your business, like nobody really “gets it”—or you, for that matter!


Well-meaning friends and family, sending you help-wanted postings clipped from the newspaper or copied and pasted from the web… wondering to each other (frequently… out loud… while you are in earshot) when you’re going to get a “real job.”


Nobody gets why you’d want to take on the “risk” of starting your own business when you could have job security and benefits working 9am–5pm, like a “real adult.”


“After all, the economy is in the toilet! Best of luck, hon!”


So you smile and nod, hoping that’ll be the end of it, until you see them again next week… or later today…




Entrepreneurship is something that many people misunderstand.


Building a successful business you loveon your terms, in your coziest clothes, from the comfort of your own homeis the most incredible experience there is… but it comes at a price.

We’ve all seen the glamorous Instagram feeds…


#BossBabe! #JustDoIt! #Mindset! #RiseAndGrind!


But few of us talk about the cost.


The sometimes-painful isolation of working from home… the years, starting out, where it’s feast-or-famine… the pressure of not having any excuses to fall back on, because every success and every failure is yours and yours alone.


 Bluntly put, this “working for yourself” thing is PRETTY HARD.


The path to success is filled with a LOT of self doubt…


A loudmouth inner critic who doesn’t know when (or how) to chill…


Not to mention the constant thoughts of screaming “uncle” into the darkness… packing it all in, getting that “real job” after all.


After all, it feels like you spend more time chasing your tail in circles than you spend on anything else.


Always busy, rarely productive.


You move items from your to-do list from one day to the next day, sometimes week-to-week. Some things just can’t seem to get done, no matter how many times you move them in your calendar.


How are you supposed to get it together for your business… AND have time to like… actually live your life??

You could give up. Call the whole party off.


It might be easier, but it’s not you.


YOU ARE A FIGHTER at your very core, even if you’re exhausted and you don’t feel very much like one at the moment.


…you’re used to life being hard, and it’s never stopped you before.


…you want to build a successful business: doing what you love in a way that allows you to live the rest of your life on your terms.




Scratch that.


You are GOING to do it, dammit.


But where to begin? Is it even possible?


Are these things even meant for you?


It’s okay to feel this way. I’ve been there myself.


Hi. I’m Rhonda, Head Squirrel Wrangler and Business & Life Coach here at Drunk Squirrels.


I’m here to deliver the following good news:


Not only is it possible for you to build a successful business…


You can build a business that focuses on your zone of genius, doing only what you love, in a way that you love… all while you live a life that you love!


My career spans three decades. (If anyone asks, I’ve been working since age two.)


I started out as a counsellor, using a solution-focused approach while working with individuals to improve their mental health and their lives. My early success lead to senior management, consulting and teaching at a local community college.


Throughout the years, I’ve proven myself as a skilled and successful leader, a kind and insightful teacher, and a whip-smart business mentor and strategist.


I have the unique ability to truly listen. To develop a quick rapport, but to be solution-focused and see the difference between what people think they want and believe the problem to be and what they really need, once the true problem has been uncovered.


My favorite thing to do is empower others: teaching entrepreneurs to look inside as their business is a mirror of whats going on inside, use creativity to solve problems, and to take control of their business trajectory.


I take decades of experience with change management, risk management and leadership… and I package it in a way that doesn’t make folks fall asleep.


These skills and strengths form the bones of Drunk Squirrels… but there’s an extra bit of fire in there as well, forming the soul.


A Life & Career Hijacked…
Rising Stronger & Sharper


I know what it’s like to be knocked on your ass.


To think, “uhhh, yeah… not gonna’ bounce back from this.”


My career and life were thrown into chaos by a cluster of autoimmune diseases that appeared out of nowhere and left me 90% bedridden for over six years.


Ever been trapped in bed for over half a decade?


Trust me. It sucks. Big time.


After a while, I was simply living to die.


It felt like my life had no purpose and little meaning.


The doctors had given up; they declared there was nothing more they could do for me. That I couldn’t get better.


So I clipped my wings. Let go of my dreams. Stuffed my whole self into a little cardboard box labeled “existing.”


One day, sitting in bed, I decided to do some research on my various medical conditions.


After all, I had the internet. I had endless hours.


I didn’t need to leave things to the professionals, who had all but thrown up their hands in frustration anyway.


Why not. Tried everything else, right?


To make a long story short, I ended up pinpointing the real issue, and I asked my doctor to run the appropriate tests and make a medication change at my next visit.


Within days, physically I was 80% my old self again, weaker but that I could strengthen over time. The remaining 20% and internal work to be done, to once again allow myself to dream and become whole would take years. 


Once through the other side of THAT lovely little adventure… (sarcasm) …it was time for me to get serious about my future.


I’d lost a lot of time. I wanted to take control.


I clawed my way back and created a life that I loved, and I was doing it on my terms this time around, damn it.


I had the guts & gumption to guide other people to turn their own comeback fantasies into reality.


My soul-driven determination to help struggling people achieve their full potential has culminated in Drunk Squirrels.


We empower business owners to regain control of their inner “drunk squirrel”—forever distracted, chasing its fluffy, twitching tail.


This control allows their businesses (and their lives) to bloom in ways they never thought possible.


Drunk Squirrels is committed to providing you with the confidence, knowledge, skills, motivation, inspiration and mindset that are needed to create a strong foundation for your business.


A foundation that allows for growth, scalability, and financial sustainability.


A foundation that allows for a business and a life that you love.


Join us.


Take your ideas and turn them into action.


Learn productive, strategic, focused, intentional practices.


Harness the power within.


The unexpected power of the squirrel. There isn’t a more resourceful living being on the plant than a squirrel, determined to succeed.


If you’re ready to tame that furry little beast already, then I’d love to learn more about you and your business.


Schedule a Virtual Coffee Date Below.


C’mon. Let’s put these squirrels to work.


I don’t even know where to begin… before I started working with Rhonda I was all over the place, literally and figuratively.  On our very 1st call she pinpointed 2 major roadblocks (business and personal) that had never been addressed in any of the business/life coaching that I’d had over the years and it literally changed the way that I do life and the way I do business.

Working with her has been especially gratifying because she’s able to communicate with me in the way that I receive and process information and that is HUGE.

She’s not a one trick pony, she helps me work within my area of genius by offering tools, resources, guidance and accountability in a high personalized way.

She’s helped me laser focus in on my unique point of difference and redefine my ideal client in a way that’s fact and data based vs. just creating a ficticous character through creative writing (major ah ha moment).

Now I’m able to create specific content that speaks directly to the clients that I want serve.

After each call I feel empowered and equipped to tackle the goals that we’ve laid out with a strong since of clarity….like I’m finally moving in the right direction, a direction that is not only in alignment with my goals but also my core values… my soul values and that’s important to me.

Rhonda came along during one of my most difficult seasons since starting my business in 2014. In our short time together she’s already helped me position myself to advance to the next level and we are just getting started. 

I’m getting emotional just typing this because I have never worked with a business coach that was this in tuned with me as a person and business owner, it’s almost magical.  She continues to exceed my expectations and I’m forever grateful. Monique Floyd

Owner & Kick Ass Brand Photographer, Monique Floyd